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Collection Savings!

ABC Cork Co. is pleased to announce ABC COLLECTION SAVINGS! Take advantage of exclusive offers!

The purpose of this new COLLECTION SAVINGS is to allow retailers to enjoy INSTANT SAVINGS per orders by mixing and matching in EACH SPECIFIC COLLECTION to achieve volume discounts!

Collections Included:

  • Cork Stoppers
  • Wine Kits
  • Beer Kits and Ciders Kits
  • Shrink Caps
  • Filter Pads
  • Labels | Roll
  • Labels | Bundle
  • Labels Customizable
  • Essence's

No longer do you have to wait 30, 90, 120 or 365 days for your discounts monies. This new wholesale pricing model simplifies the current outdated model. 

Promotion Program:
Under the new wholesale pricing model, the retail “Wine Rebate and Monthly Specials” program will no longer exist; it will be replaced by a “COLLECTION SAVINGS " & "WEEKLEY OFFERS" Price Program.

This information is based on current processes and decisions. In the event of any changes, this information will be subject to amendment.

Please Note: You cannot mix and match outside other collections!